PC requirements for EinScan Pro HD and 2X 2020

General rules

  • CPU: higher CPU efficiency helps increasing data processing speed
  • The CPU must include AVX instruction set extensions
  • RAM: Larger RAM allows you: 
    • a) Scan more points
    • b) Process larger data
  • NVIDIA GPU: An Nvidia graphics card is mandatory to run the software, with at least 960 CUDA Cores

The table below shows both the required and recommended PC Configuration for the EinScan Pro HD.

ItemRequired PC ConfigurationRecommended PC Configuration
Operating SystemWin 10/11. 64bit
USB PortAt least 1 3.0 USB port
At least 2 3.0 USB port
8 GB64 GB
CPUIntel® Xeon E3-1230, i5-3470, i7-3770
i7-8700 or higher
Graphics CardNvidia GTX660 or Quadro P1000Nvidia GTX series. GTX1080 or higher

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