EinScan H - MEET EXSCAN H_v1.2.0.1

A few months ago, powerful EXScan H_v1.1.0.1 was released, but EinScan Team has been working hard to improve the user experience. Therefore, based on EXScan H_v1.1.0.1, EXScan H_v1.2.0.1 will be published.

What’s new in EXScan H_v

1. Updated the Hybrid Alignment

In both white light mode and IR mode, hybrid alignment (features&markers) is offered. But in EXScan_V, global markers can be imported into the software when choosing Hybrid Alignment to meet more situations.

    EXScan H_v1.2.0.1---White Light Mode                    EXScan H_v1.2.0.1---IR Mode

2. Upgraded the Algorithm for IR Mode

Solve the tracking loss problem when scanning medium-sized objects. 

For the IR Mode, turn on the data quality indicator, the speed of data turning green is faster than before. (Speed: 10%-30% improved)

                        EXScan H_v1.1.0.1                                                           EXScan H_v1.2.0.1

3. Reduced Data Noise  

The data noise on object edge turns less than before, which leads you to get better quality data. 

                        EXScan H_v1.1.0.1                                                          EXScan H_v1.2.0.1

4. Modified the Shining 3D Account Interface

In this update, you will be able to experience a more user-friendly offline activation process.

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