Einscan H2 System Requirements

This article will help you decide if you need an upgrade of your current configuration, or if you can run it without any hardware changes. 

These are the minimum suggested specs for your PC or laptop to run the Einscan H2 smoothly:


Minimum PC specification

Recommended PC specification


Intel i7-8700 or above

Intel® Core™ i7-11700 or above

Graphics card

NVIDIA GTX 1060 or above

NVIDIA RTX 2060 or above

Graphics memory size

4 GB or above

6 GB or above


16 GB or above

64 GB or above


3.0 or above

3.0 or above


Windows 10/11

Windows 10/11

How to check your CPU


One of the best free tool for checking your CPU power is CPU-Z that you can visit the website here or directly here.



Step 1: Download and Install the CPU-Z software.

Open the .exe and install the software.


Step 2: Open CPU-Z

  • Go to 
    1.   Select "Bench" tab
    2.   Select "Threads"
    3.   Click on Bench CPU
    4.   Wait until the CPU multi-Threads has a value, and the process is done. 


A computer program window with a benchmark and a number

Description automatically generated with medium confidence 


   If the value of the score is 3900 or above, you can run the software, but we would recommend having a processor that passes the score of 6200. If the value is lower than 3900, you will need to upgrade the hardware CPU.



How to check your GPU


Here there are a few ways that you can do this, the fastest way is to use "dxdiag" or use CPU-Z to know what Graphic Card Model you have installed and search it on CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products.


Step 1: Find your Graphic card model (No additional software)

Right-click on the start icon and select "run".

Write in the dialog box the command "dxdiag".

In the System tab you can check what is your processor, RAM and other useful information. 

In the Display 1 or Display 2 tab, depending on your setup, if you have an intergraded graphic card or not, you will find the name of the Nvidia graphic card.

Step 1: Find your Graphic card model (CPU-Z)


Open the CPU-Z and go to Graphics Tab, click on the dropdown under the Display Device Selection, there it is. The model is Nvidia GeForce RTX or GTX and a number. 


Note : If you are using a laptop or a PC that has an integrated graphic card it will look like in the picture below with 2 options, the one that you need is the Nvidia Box, this will differ for each case.


A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


Step 2: Visit CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products and find your model in the list.


A screenshot of a computer

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Step 3: Compare your Graphic card values with the minimum requirements.


    If your model compute capability is lower than 6.1 you will not be able to run it, and you will need a hardware upgrade, if the value is bigger than 6.1 you are able to use the scanner with that graphic card.



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