Scanner activation


Online activation

The first time the scanner is connected to the PC, a message to activate the device will popup.

Please, make sure your PC is properly setup, and that it is connected to the internet.

Then, click on Online Activation. This is recommended as a quick way for activation.

Once the device is activated, you can move to calibration.

What if activation fails or I do not have access to the internet?

In case activation failed or your PC has no access to the internet, an Offline Activation is available.

To carry out an offline activation. you will need the license file (PLE file) for your scanner.

The PLE file is named according to the serial number of your calibration board, and should look like:

You can find this file (*.ple) in the USB drive your received with your scanner (it depends on the scanner model).

In case it is not possible to locate it, you can create a Ticket or write us to to request the file. Please, text the serial number of your scanner so we can identify your license.

Once you have obtained your license file and it is saved on your PC, you are good to carry out the 'Offline Activation':

Please click on the small 'i' on the top right of the activation window.

An additional option for 'Offline Activation' will reveal.

After selecting this second option, windows file browser will open. Please select the PLE (*.ple) file from your PC and accept.

Once your license is loaded, an information popup stating that license was successfully imported will trigger.

At this point you are good to start calibration.

In case you encounter difficulties activating your scanner, you can always create a ticket or write us to

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