The GPU Compute Capability

Since the release of the EXScan Pro v3.7 and the EXScan HX v1.3. software, another feature regarding the requirements for the GPU has come into play.

Such feature is the Compute Capability of the GPU, which must be above 5.0 to be able to run such latest software versions.


1. EXScan Pro v3.7 and EXScan HX v1.3: New requirements for the GPU

The Compute Capability (CC) describes the features supported by a CUDA hardware.

Newer software integrates new and optimized functions, which likewise require more powerful hardware. That is why the latest releases have more demanding requirements in reference to the GPU.

EXScan Pro 3.7 software version requires a Nvidia GPU whose CC is above 5.0. Otherwise the software will not perform well. That is why the previous software version is also available to install.

Likewise EXScan HX v1.3 also requires GPU CC to be 5.1 or more, so previous version is also available to download.

Depending on the CC of your GPU you might be able to upgrade to either v3.7 or v1.3. In case the GPU does not meet the requirements, you can always keep using the scanner using the previous software version.

2. How to check the Compute Capability of my GPU?

First step is identifying which GPU is the PC equipped with.

To do so, you can access Windows' Device Manager by  + X or right-click start icon. The Power User Menu will display. Select Device Manager from the menu.

In the Device Manager, look for Display adapters field. Click on the arrow to visualise the list of the GPUs your PC is equipped with.

In the example above, the PC includes the processor's Integrated Graphics and the Discrete NVIDIA GPU: the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

Now that we have identified the GPU model, we can check its CC. Simply visit this link and search your GPU model.

Click on the product family name to open the list of GPU models. In this case, the GeForce RTX 2060 is under the CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products list.

Search for the GPU model and check its CC value:

The Compute Capability of the GeForce RTX 2060 is 7.5. Therefore it is compatible with EXScan Pro v3.7 and EXScan HX v1.3.

3. Which GPUs are compatible with each software version?

The table below summarizes which GPUs (based on the CC) are compatible with each software version:

GPU Compute Capability
Software version
Less or equal to 5.0EXScan Pro v3.6.0.5
EXScan HX v1.2.0.4
Equal to 5.1 or higherEXScan Pro v3.7.X.X and older
EXScan HX v1.3.X.X and older

If your PC's GPU has a CC of 5.1 or more, it will support any software version.

On the contrary, if the CC is 5.0 or less, it will only support EXScan Pro and EXScan HX v1.2.0.4.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that, besides the Compute Capability, there are certain minimum requirements for the GPU to be met. You can check them in the scanner user manual or in the specifications summary.

If you want to learn more about the GPU, we suggest taking a look at: The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

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