How can I get access to EXModel

EXModel is fully integrated with EXScan and can be easily started from EXScan, let's take EXScan HX for example.

For the first time use

Whether you click "EXModel icon" from the guide bar or click "Export to EXModel to design" in the post-processing interface, EXScan will ask you to download and install EXModel and activate it.

Click "Download free 30-day trial" or "I've already purchased license", both will direct you to the application form webpage. Once you finish the form and click submit, the page will provide the download link and a specific trial license code will be generated for you (do not share this code with others).

Check this article out for activation.

Start EXModel from the guide bar

EXModel can be started from the guide bar at any time. No matter whether you are in calibration or scanning. Remember, once you start EXModel, EXScan will be hidden but you will not lose your scan. When you click EXModel, if mesh data exists, this mesh file will be transferred to EXModel automatically for your design purpose.

Start EXModel by exporting mesh data

After finishing meshing and when the mesh data is available, click "Export" from the right toolbar and click "Export to EXModel to design", this will start EXModel and transfer your mesh data.

Enjoy your design by using EXModel

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