EinScan SE/SP - Scanning with the Tripod

This article was created using EXScan-S v3.0.0.1

Using the scanner head on a tripod allows scanning with Turntable Coded Targets alignment, with the EinScan-SP.

Moreover, the use of the tripod permits scanning larger objects. The setup is not restricted to the use of the scanner stand anymore, making it possible to deal with objects that otherwise would not fit. This might be of special interest for both EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP users.

Whereas the EinScan-SP includes a tripod, the EinScan-SE does not. Therefore, it is to be purchased separately.

This article aims to provide instructions on the setup, calibration and scanning using the EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP on the tripod.


Calibrating on the scanner stand [normal calibration]

Before proceeding to scan, it is mandatory to calibrate the scanner. If you are planning to scan using the Turntable Coded Targets, Feature, Markers or Global Markers alignment, you can calibrate your scanner on the scanner stand normally. 

If you are planning to use the Turntable alignment, it is highly recommended to calibrate the scanner on the tripod.

With your scanner still on the scanner stand, follow the instructions on the software to successfully calibrate the scanner.

The focal distance

Before moving the scanner head to the tripod, it is worth it checking its focal distance.

According to the EinScan-SE and SP specifications, these scanners have a suitable distance between 290 and 480 mm. That means the scanners can only "see" objects placed within this distance range from the scanner head.

If we calculate the average distance between 290 and 480 mm, it results in 385 mm, which corresponds to the focal distance.

We can approximately check these values by measuring the distance from the scanner head to the closest, middle and furthest points of the turntable, as seen below:

It is important to keep these values always in mind, as we will need to make sure the objects are placed within this range when using the tripod.

Setting the scanner on the tripod

At this point, we are good to install the scanner on the tripod. Instructions on the process are provided below:

1. Unplug the cables and put the scanner off the stand

2. Detach the scanner bracket

3. Disconnect the turntable and put the scanner stand away

4. Unfasten the bracket adaptor from the tripod

5. Install the adaptor on the scanner bracket

Tip: make sure the guides of the adaptor are oriented like in the picture below.

6. Set the bracket and the scanner on the tripod

7. Connect the cables back and turn the scanner on

Scanning with Turntable Coded Targets [only for EinScan-SP]

Once the scanner is set on the tripod, you are good to scan using the Turntable Coded Targets alignment.

Create a new project and prepare your setup.

  • Place the object on the turntable and make sure it does not cover the Turntable Coded Targets.
  • Make sure the projected cross is on the object surface.
  • Measure the distance between scanner head and object. It should be within the focal distance range.
  • Move the tripod and reorient the scanner head until your setup is ready.

Tip: You will notice when the object is within the focal distance because the projected cross will look sharp, not blurry.

After having placed the scanner and tripod properly, we are good to define the scan settings and start:

Calibrating on the tripod [recommended for turntable alignment]

In case Turntable Alignment is to be used, it is highly recommended to calibrate again, this time from the tripod.

Firstly, place the Calibration Board on the Turntable and make sure it is in the focal distance, which should be around 385 mm.

Orientate the scanner head if necessary so the calibration board is clearly seen. Afterwards, run the calibration normally.

And adjust the White Balance.

Tip: if the ambient light has not changed, there is no need to adjust the White Balance again.

Now everything is set up to proceed to scan using the Turntable alignment.

Scanning large objects

One of the advantages of using the scanner on the tripod is that it makes it possible to deal with objects that, due to its large size, would normally not fit the scanner stand setup.

In this case we put the Turntable away, as it is not needed, and we place the scanner in front of the object. Following the best practices, we make sure the distance between scanner and object is within the focal distance range.

In the example, markers are used to scan this large object. However, it is not mandatory. Single scans can be aligned by features, as well.

Both the object and the tripod are moved iteratively in order to cover the whole surface of the object. At each step, a single scan shot is triggered.


To scan with the EinScan-SP using the Turntable Coded Target alignment, it is needed to scan using the tripod.

In case you want to scan with your EinScan-SE or EinScan-SP using the tripod and Turntable alignment, it is highly recommended to calibrate your scanner while mounted on the tripod.

Dealing with large objects is possible with both the EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP by using a tripod, which enables a more flexible use of the scanner.

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