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Scan settings are very important to obtain good results. In this article, all the terms in the Scan Setting tab will be clarified one by one.

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The brightness setting is important for scans. Below are a few images to help you choose the ideal brightness when scanning an object.

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Too dark


Too bright

When adjusting the brightness, it should be neither too dark nor too bright. The ideal setting is where the red dots start to appear slightly in the camera.


The HDR function helps us to scan high contrasted objects. When this function is ON, the brightness can not be changed anymore.

Align Mode - Features

The scanner searches for features on the object to align itself and continues its scanning in this way. The object must have a rich set of features. It is not appropriate to use this feature on objects with regular shapes and repetitive patterns.

Align Mode - Turntable Alignment

It aligns data with the assistance of the turntable. Suitable to use this feature when the object is a bit bigger than the turntable and when it has a few duplicated features. It is not also appropriate to use this feature on objects with regular shapes like cube and sphere.

Turntable Steps

You can choose between 8 and 36 steps in this setting. The higher the number of steps, the greater the number of captured data, but in turn the total scanning time will increase.

Turntable Speed

The default value is "6". If the object is suitable for dislocation and movement, if the turntable speed is low, you can avoid these dislocations.

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