EinScan HX - "Laser" and "Structure Light"

The HX is is a portable scanner which can scan with structure light or laser.

This hybrid function makes the scanner very useful but what are the difference between these modes? 



Laser ModeRapid Mode
Object size300mm–4m objects
AlignmentTargetsTargets, texture, feature
System non-contact/destruction-free measurement systems


Rapid mode

The rapid mode is a structure light scanning system with blue LED.

The strength of this system are: 

  • Captures more data at once on one surface. Which makes scanning faster
  • The light source is safe for the human eye even for longer scanning (that's top for scanning people) 
  • Can capture textures 
  • Scans can be stitched together using geometry, markers or texture 

Limitations of the rapid scan:

  • Problems with other light sources, making outdoor scanning very difficult 
  • Not quite as accurate as a laser scanner but close to it 
  • Lower resolution then laser

Laser mode

The laser mode has 7 blue crossing laser lines

Strengths Laser scanner:

  • Better for dark and reflective surfaces
  • Not as susceptible to other light sources, so easier to scan outdoors. 
  • Accuracy is a bit better compared to structure light mode
  • higher resolution then rapid mode

Limitations Laser scanner:

  • Only marker alignment possible
  • No texture capturing
  • Laser is dangerous to the human eye for longer contact



Laser Scan 

Rapid Scan

High Detail

Medium Detail

Low Detail1.0mm

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