FAQ about Einscan HX

Q: Can EinScan HX do fixed scanning?

A: EinScan HX has been designed as a handheld only device, matching the needs of medium to large size 3D scanning jobs of dark or black surfaces and metal casted industrial parts. If you require a multifunctional 3D scanner suitable for handheld scanning and small size scanning jobs, we highly encourage you to download our handheld scanner guide at the end of this article to study more about suitable options!

Q: Can EinScan HX capture color data?

A: Yes. EinScan HX has a built-in color camera. You can get the full color data in rapid scan mode.

Q: What are the applications of EinScan HX?

A: By integrating blue light and laser, EinScan HX can be used in a wide range of applications with less limitation. Up to 1,200,000 points/s under rapid scan mode enable EinScan HX to scan large objects with high efficiency. Laser scanning technology enables EinScan-HX to an amazing performance in scanning reflective and dark objects. Minimum point distance of 0.05mm and up to 0.04 accuracy make EinScan-HX suitable for reverse engineering and measuring. We could say EinScan-HX is a powerful scanner for applications, such as automotive, shipbuilding, machining, and research.

Q: Can EinScan HX scan black and reflective surface objects?

A: Yes. EinScan HX has laser scan mode, which is less sensitive to ambient light and thus delivering better performance in scanning reflective and dark colored surfaces.

Q: What is the recommended computer configuration for EinScan HX?

A: OS:Win10,64 bit;Graphics card:NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher;Video memory:≥4G;Processor:I7-8700;Memory:≥32GB

Q: What are the post-processing functions of ExScan HX?

A: Data simplification, hole filling, smooth, sharpen, cutting-plane selection and removal, measurement, movement, texture optimization. The digital toolkit comprising EXScan Scanning Software, SolidEdge SHINING 3D Edition and Geomagic Essentials coming to you with your new EinScan HX will upgrade your 3D digital workflow significantly!

Q: What is the difference between, laser, blue light and white light for 3D scanning?

A:Blue laser is a stronger light source, predestined to capture dark and reflective surfaces. As blue light occurs at a much lesser rate in our usual environment, it is used as a light source in 3d scanning avoiding heavy environment light interference and delivering a much better performance in this case compared to white light.

Q: Does EinScan HX have other add-ons?

We have designed this 3D scanner in a way that it perfectly matches the needs of a wide range of rigid industrial applications, measuring and reverse engineering and whosoever requires a fast, compact, easy to use and reliable high precision 3D scanning solution.

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