Install and activate Solid Edge 2022

⚠ Solid Edge 2022 is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11


1. Download Solid Edge 2022 Shining3D Edition from our website

  1. Please head over to the EinScan downloads site in and select SolidEdge from the dropdown list.
  2. Click on 'Software'.
  3. Make sure you select Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition 2022 among all the options.
  4.  Fill in the form and submit it. The download will automatically take place afterwards.

Note: The installer size is over 4 GB. Make sure there is enough space in the disk.

2. Extract the downloaded files

Once the download is completed, right-click on Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition and extract the files.

Inside the folder, there is:

  • Instruction & Learning Material folder: contains formative material on different nature Reverse Engineering projects
  • Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition Installation File: contains the installer
  • Notice-Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition.pdf: contains links to tutorials and informative videos

3. Launch the installer

Inside the Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition Installation File there are 2 installers:

Run the installer SolidEdge2022_Shining3D_Edition.exe

Note: the installer Shining3D_License_Manager_Standalone.exe installs only the Shining3D License Manager. Running it is not necessary for the process. It can be ignored.

Go through all the process.

You will be asked for a user name and the preferred modelling standard. Accept the terms to complete the install.

The install of the Shining3D License Manager will automatically trigger at the end of Solid Edge's installation.

4. Activate the license

After the install, the Shining3D License Manager window will open.

To activate the license, click on Activate:

Fill in all the fields and click on Submit.

Lan Activation

Once you have activated your license on one computer, you can use the LAN activation on any other PC by just adding the IP address of the activated computer.

5. Important notes

5.1. Shining3D License Manager can be opened any time from the Windows Tray Menu

Double-clicking the Shining3D License Manager desktop icon will only open the application and let it running on the background.

To display the Shining3D License Manager application, access it from the Windows Tray Menu by right-clicking on its icon:

5.2. Error (20) Activation code already used

This error indicates that your license is already activated on another PC or user account.

Given the case, please use Shining3D License Manager to deactivate it.

If that is not possible, please reach us at or submit a ticket in our support platform at

Provide your 20-digit activation key and our agents will help you resetting your license.

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