Install and activate Solid Edge 2021 Floating license version (and how to deactivate it)

⚠ Solid Edge 2021 is only compatible with Windows 10

To successfully activate and start working with Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition using the 20 digit activation key, please refer to the following steps:

Note: in case you received a USB Dongle license, please refer to this article.

✅ If this is the first time you use your Activation key, or you never installed any previous version of Solid Edge, please start from step 4

Otherwise, in case you already activated your license for Solid Edge 2020, please start with step 1.


1. Deactivate your current license

Launch the LocalLicenseServer application and click on the Remove button on the bottom of the window.

*Should you have any problem deactivating your license, or you can not access the PC which stored your license anymore, please contact us to

2. Uninstall Solid Edge 2020 Shining 3D Edition

Uninstall Solid Edge 2020 from your PC.

3. Uninstall LocalLicenseServer

Uninstall LocalLicenseServer from your PC.

4. Download Solid Edge 2021 from our downloads site - Start here if it is the first time you activate the license

Please head over to the EinScan downloads site in and select SolidEdge from the dropdown list.

Make sure to download Solid Edge 2021.

5. Install it

Once download is completed, please launch SolidEdge2021_Shining3D_Edition.exe and go through the installation Wizard.

Two software will install:

  1. Solid Edge 2020
  2. Shining3D License Manager

6. Activate your license 

Local Activation

Launch Shining3d License Manager and click on the icon on the center to start with the activation.

Fill in all the fields to activate the license.

Once the application has been submitted, it should be verified within the next minutes. 

LAN activation

Once you have activated your license on one computer, you can use the LAN activation on any other PC by just adding the IP address of the activated computer.

✅ The 365 days countdown refers to the period of time of free-included software upgrades. 

✅ This is a life-time license. Therefore, the license will remain valid after countdown has reached 0 days.

7. Start using Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition

At this point you are all set to create your projects with Solid Edge.

8. Deactivate the license

Launch the Shining3D License Manager application and click on the Remove button on the bottom of the window. 

In case Shining3D License Manager does not open, please launch it from the System Tray:

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