Installing Solid Edge 2022 in non-administrator user

Solid Edge requires administrator rights to call the Shining3D License Manager. Otherwise, the software cannot access the license file.

If administrator rights are not granted, despite the proper install of the software and its activation, it will hang on 'Waiting for Authorization...', upon Solid Edge launch:

In this case, please refer to the following instructions to 


  1. Install the software in the non-administrator user account, while granting administrator rights.
  2. After the install of Solid Edge software, the install of License Manager starts automatically.
  3. Once the install is completed, close the installer and do not launch License Manager.
  4. Go to the following path:
    C:\Program Files\Shining3D\LicenseManager
  5. Launch LicenseManager.exe and activate the product.
  6. Create a shortcut for LicenseManager.exe on the desktop.
  7. Every time you wish to run Solid Edge, you will need to manually open LicenseManager first (you can simply double-click the icon you have created on the desktop).

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