Install and activate Solid Edge 2020 Floating license version (and how to deactivate it)

⚠ Solid Edge 2020 is only compatible with Windows 10

To successfully activate and start working with Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition using the 20 digit activation key, please refer to the following steps:

Note: in case you received a USB Dongle license, please refer to this article.


1. Download the latest software release

Please head over to the EinScan downloads site in and select SolidEdge from the dropdown list.

Make sure to download Solid Edge Floating license version.

When possible, please avoid using the installer contained in the provided USB, as its LocalLicenseServer application version might lead to issues when activating the license.

2. Install the software

Once you downloaded the latest software version available from our EinScan website, please unzip the document and install:

  • Solid_Edge_Shining3D.exe
  • LocalLicenseServerV1.0.0.1_64bit_200714

3. Activate the License

Run the LocalLicenseServer application and fill in all the fields to activate the license.

Once the application has been submitted, it should be verified within the next minutes.

✅ The 365 days countdown refers to the period of time of free-included software upgrades. 

✅ This is a life-time license. Therefore, the license will remain valid after countdown has reached 0 days.

4. Keep LocalLicenseServer running on the background and confirm the IP

Once the license has been activated, keep LocalLicenseServer running on the background and launch Solid Edge.

If LocalLicenseServer is not open, you will get a warning notification and Solid Edge will automatically close after 3 minutes.

Confirm the automatically detected IP from the message box.

5. Start using Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition

At this point you are all set to create your projects with Solid Edge.

Please keep in mind that LocalLicenseServer will need to run on the background every time you want to use Solid Edge.

6. Deactivate the license

Launch the LocalLicenseServer application and click on the Remove button on the bottom of the window.

*Should you have any problem deactivating your license, or you can not access the PC which stored your license anymore, please contact us to

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