Using Solid Edge with Multiple Windows user accounts on one computer


  1. This solution works for local accounts and accounts with AD domain (account may need admin rights).

  2. Only works when Solid Edge and License Manager are installed under the disk or drive that can be read & written by different user accounts (in this instruction, we installed Solid Edge and License manager under C:\ disk, both user accounts have the rights to read & write under C:\).

  3. Solid Edge license code can be only activated for one user account, remember to deactivate (remove) the license code before you log out, otherwise, “Activation code already used” error will occur when switching to another user account.

  4. Submit a ticket on or reply to the existing ticket if you have any questions or issues by following this instruction.

* In this instruction, account A and account B represent different Windows user accounts.


  1. Check if Solid Edge is working well and License manager is activated under user account A.

    1. Solid Edge can be successfully opened and is functional with all capabilities.

    2. License manager can be checked if it appears in the tray menu.

  1. By double click it or right mouse click - show program, it will show the interface like the following if it is activated.

  1. Check where Solid Edge and License Manager are installed.

*In our example, they are installed under:

  1. Solid Edge: C:\Program Files\Siemens\Solid Edge 2022\Program

  2. License Manager: C:\Program Files\Shining3D\LicenseManager

  1. Deactivate(Remove) the license code before you log out and switch to another account.


* Copy and save the license code in a text file to prevent forgetting or losing it

  1. Switch to another user account B and log in.

  1. Solid Edge and License Manager software shortcuts are not shown on the desktop of user account B.

    1. Open Solid Edge (three methods)

      1. Open Solid Edge in Windows Start

  1. Open Solid Edge by searching

  1. Open Solid Edge by open Edge.exe (Edge.exe locates under C:\Program Files\Siemens\Solid Edge 2022\Program, path same as step #2).

  1. There should pop an Error notice, click OK.

  1. Manually open and activate License Manager.

    1. Open License Manager by open .exe file (LicenseManager.exe locates under C:\Program Files\Shining3D\LicenseManager, path same as step #2).

  1. Enter activation info.

  1. Click Submit to activate.

  1. Activate License Manager successfully, the interface shows the following:

*If the license code hasn’t been deactivated (removed), will get the following Error, switch to user account A and deactivate the license code.

  1. Check Registry

    1. Open Registry Editor by searching regedit.

  1. Check if the information looks like the following: (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shining3d\SEOEM License Manager)

  1. Open Solid Edge successfully


  1. Once the License Manager is activated for account B, switching from account A to account B will not require you to repeat the whole procedure, only need to open License Manager and repeat Step #7(c) to activate, then open Solid Edge.

  1. Creat Solid Edge and License Manager shortcuts or pin to Start or Taskbar for making regular use easier.

  1. Check License Manager is activating before opening Solid Edge in regular use (Step #1[b,c]).

  1. With more user accounts that haven’t activated the License Manager before and get the following Error when opening Solid Edge, repeating this solution would solve the issue.

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