The Cutting Plane Tool (Post Processing)

This article was written based on EXScan HX v1.3.0.3 software

The Cutting Plane Tool is a very powerful editing tool which located in the Post Processing tab. 

It can be used to cut a mesh using a plane and to rapidly align it to the Coordinate System (CSYS).


1. Location

The Cutting Plane Tool is located under the Post Processing tab, since it is used to operate meshes.

2. Tool Description

  • This tool allows defining a plane by drawing a straight line.
  • Use the plane to cut the mesh and close it at the intersection.
  • Use the plane to align the mesh to the CSYS.

3. Instructions

  1. Move to the Post Processing tab and load a mesh or mesh a project. In this example we are post processing a mesh from a scan applying the Watertight settings:

  2. Select the Cutting Plane Tool

  3. The software will ask to define a cutting plane using a straight line.
    To ensure that we place the cutting plane at the desired position, we will firstly make sure that the Orthogonal view is enabled:

    At this point we can orientate the mesh as desired and draw the straight line holding SHIFT + LMB.

  4. Once the cutting plane is located, click on Intersect Plane. Select whether to Delete the selection and close intersection or simply Delete the selection:

    - Delete the selection and close intersection: it deletes the highlighted (red) data and will close the mesh using the cutting plane. Eventually you obtain a flat-filled hole.
    The resulting mesh is a Watertight (solid) mesh.

    - Delete the selection: it deletes the highlighted (red) data. The hole remains open.
    The resulting mesh is a Unwatertight (surface) mesh.

    In the example, we selected Delete the selection and close intersection to obtain a flat-bottom solid mesh.

  5. Finally, click on Orient Based On Plane to use the cutting plane as origin for the CSYS. The plane will align the mesh to the XY plane:

  6. Save your mesh. It will be orientated in the CSYS according to the Cutting Plane Tool.

4. Recap

Use the Cutting Plane Tool to rapidly cut and align any mesh to the CSYS.

Squeeze the potential of this post processing function to obtain nice flat-bottom solid meshes.

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