EinScan HX - Clean your scan with the "Connected Domain" function

This article was done with the Software version EinScan HX1.2.0.4

The connected domain function is a quick and easy way to clean the scan.

If you have scanned a object and you captured noise or stuff around the object like in the picture bellow you can use the connected domain function. 

First mark a area on the object with one of the selecting tools (square, polygons, lasso or brush) Here the brush is chosen. 

After you select the tool hold "shift" + left mouse button to mark the object. 

When you marked an area on the object just click on "connected domain" and the software starts to mark all points which are connected to the part. If some areas of the part are missing you can add manule the missing areas with  holding "shift" + left mouse button.  

When the scanned object is red you use the invert function to seleect the the points you don't need. 

At least you click on "delete selected data"or press the del key on you keyboard. 

Here you can see the whole process. 

If you have any question or problems please contact us via einscan_support@shining3d.com to get further help. 

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