EinScan HX - Aligning different scan projects

This article is done with the Software version EinScan HX1.2.0.2 

After you have finished your scans and you scanned the object from different sides and position you will have several projects. These projects need to be aligned with each other.

Here we will show you the work flow for the alignment. 


Align Projects manual or via features

After you create different scan projects they are not automatically aligned. The scan are quite through each other like on the picture below. 


On the right side there is a "puzzle" icon which start the alignment function of the software. 

When the alignment function is open you see the scan project on the left side. Now you need to choose a fix project and a floating project. For this click on the project and the respective project can be seen in the corresponding window. Please see the workflow bellow.  

On the top left side under "Alignment you can choose how the project should be aligned. First we will show the alignment "By Points". After you choose the alignment you can create points by holding down the shift key and pressing the left mouse button, please note that you set the points in both projects in the same place. If the two projects do not have an overlap area, use another scan project that has an overlap area. 

If you accidently chose a wrong area for the point, you could reset the point by pressing "ctrl" + "Z" on the keyboard. The alignment result can be seen in the button window. When the color of the two project is mixed well the alignment is good. Then please click on next to align the next project or on complete when you have aligned all. When you click on next the two project which you choose are both in the fix window. The video bellow shows you the workflow.

If the object has enough feature, you can also use the feature alignment. For this choose the "By feature" at the alignment option. Choose the next floating project by clicking on it and press "Apply" to start the function. When you have aligned all projects click on "Exit" to leave the alignment function. In the video bellow you see the workflow. 

Align a further scan project to already aligned projects

If you create more projects after the alignment you don't need to start from the beginning. You can choose all aligned project in the fix mode. 

To choose more then one project hold "ctrl" on the keyboard and click on the projects which are already aligned or click on the top project hold the "shift" button on the keyboard and click on the last project. Then all projects in between will be chosen.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact einscan_support@shining3d.com for further assistance.

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