Fill holes in the post processing function in EXScan

This article is done with the Software version EXScan Pro_v3.6.0.5

After you create a unwatertight mesh you can fill the open holes automatically or manually. It's also possible to load an older STL and fill the whole. If you don't know how to load an old STL please have a look to the article "Load any STL into the EXScan Software for post processing and measurement function"


Wholes are on the STL are to see as yellow parts on the STL. The front of the STL is blue and the back is yellow. When there is a whole you see the back of the STL. That's why the wholes are the in yellow. 

Start the function


On the right side of the window you will find the "Whole Filling" function.

When you click on it you will 3 options (Manual, Marker, Auto)

Note: Marker filling is only active when the object was scanned with markers alignment. Otherwise it's grey like in the pic above

Auto Hole Filling function

After clicking on the Auto Hole Filling a new window pops up in the the left corner. 

In this windows you can chose how ALL holes will be fled. So if all holes should be filed "Curvature", "Tangent" or "Flat". Also you need the set the hole filling perimeter. It can be set between 10-100mm for the perimeter. Holes which having bigger perimeter like 120mm wont be filed. After clicking on "Apply" the software will close all holes which are smaller or equal to the the set perimeter. If you are not satisfied with the result click on "reset" then all holes are open again. 

Here you can see the whole process. 

Manual Hole filling 

After starting the "Manual Hole Filling" by clicking on it

A new window pops up. In the window you see how many holes the STL has. In this case we have 5 hoes. Bellow this information you have the option how you want to fill the holes. So if you want to fill them "curvature"(good for cylinder wales), tangent (good for freeform areas) or flat (good for flat areas). After you choose the filling option you click with the mouse on the edge of the whole. The filling of the hole will be displayed in red. 

At the button of the window you have two buttons "Cancel" and "Apply&Close". With Cancel you can redo the last filing. So in case the result is not good with the option you choose you can redo it and try another fil option. When you filled all holes you click on "Apply&Close" to end the function. 


In the vidoe you can see the whole process. 

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