Set up your PC for EinScan scanners

After installing the latest software version from our downloads site, you might need to check your PC is properly set to start scanning.


1. Make sure the software runs on the proper graphics processor (only for NVIDIA GPUs - mandatory for handheld scanners)

  1. Right-click on your desktop
  2. Select 'NVIDIA Control Panel'
  3. From the menu on the left, select 'Manage 3D settings' under '3D Settings'
  4. In the 'Manage 3D Settings' page, select the tab 'Program settings'
  5. Click on 'Add'  and select your EinScan software from the list
  6. If asked, select the High-performance NVIDIA processor
  7. Apply

2. Stay updated

Update your Windows and keep your Graphics Card updated.

  • Please make sure your Windows is up-to-date:

  • Keep your GPU drivers updated:

    Firstly, check your GPU model in Windows' Device Manager:

    In this case, it is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.

    Head over to and select it from the NVIDIA catalog, click on Search and finally download it.

    Once downloaded, execute the installer and go through the wizard to complete the update.

3. Are you using the latest software release?

Old software versions might contain bugs or incompatibility issues with latest Windows versions.

By using the latest software version, you will make sure both the software and the scanner firmware are updated.

Please head over to and make sure you have installed the newest version.

Always uninstall older version before installing a new release.

4. Allow apps to access your camera

The 3D scanner is detected by Windows as a camera, so Windows has to authorize apps to access them.

To do so, please go to Windows settings and search for 'Camera privacy settings'.

Make sure that the option 'Allow apps to access your camera' is enabled.

5. Are you using an antivirus?

Some commercial antivirus have been proven to conflict the EinScan software. Windows Defender should not be a problem.

In case you are using some antivirus, you might need to try creating an exclusion or exception to Shining3D folder and the specific EinScan software.

6. Run the software as administrator

The software requires administrator rights. Please make sure you run it as administrator.

7. Wrong USB port

Please make sure your scanner is connected to a USB3.0 port.

It might also be that some USB3 ports can not deal with video. Please try connecting the scanner to a different USB3 port.

We encourage updating the USB3 drivers and checking for Windows updates.

8. Check if your PC is compatible with the EinScan products

You can check the required and recommended PC configuration in these articles below:

PC requirements for EinScan SE and SP

PC requirements for EinScan Pro and Pro+

PC requirements for EinScan Pro 2X and 2X Plus

PC requirements for EinScan Pro HD and 2X 2020

PC requirements for EinScan H and HX

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