Log Tool Instruction

Click Here to download the Log Tool

General intro

This tool helps you to quickly extract all needed information for Einscan troubleshooting. Please follow the instructions to run the log tool and send back the diagnosis files. Tools will collect scan software logs as well as your PC hardware specifications. (Only your PC hardware models, no personal footprints) All files will be deleted after the support case is closed.

Operation process

Step 1: Unzip the file pack and launch the main program

Step 2: Select the product model and time range for the log. The time range should contain the time that the issue happens. Edit the installation directory if the software is not installed at the default path. Then click Confirm.

Step 3:  Confirm if the collection success.

Step 4: Add a description of the issue and any attachments if needed. (Optional)

Step 5: After the internet and PC check, click "View File" to locate the export folder.

Step 6: Please only send us the zip file named with the date to us.

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