Texture dropped after mesh when processing v1.0.5.3 standard scan projects with v1.1.0.1 white light scan

This article was created based on the software EXScan H v1.1.0.1

EXScan H v1.1.0.1 has redesigned UI and added more features, also improving the performance. 

The Standard Scan mode in previous versions has been changed to White Light Scan Mode, Body Scan mode & Face Scan mode have been integrated into IR mode. Due to this change, projects saved by previous versions are not compatible with the new released version v1.1.0.1.

However, we can make v1.0.5.3 standard scan projects compatible with the v1.1.0.1 white light scan.


v1.0.5.3 standard scan projects can be loaded with the v1.1.0.1 white light scan mode, but after mesh, the color texture will be dropped.


  1. Load the v1.0.5.3 standard scan projects with v1.1.0.1 White light mode, and then close the software

  2. Open the .nrap_prj file with Notepad

  3. Change the default <SCAN_TYPE> value from 0 to 5 and save the change

  4. Load the project and you are good to go.

*This issue will be fixed in the next version release.

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