Troubleshooting Calibration

Most of the time, difficulties in calibration are related to a wrong PC setup. For this reason we recommend taking a look to the article Set up your PC before continuing reading.

In case you have gone through the setup instructions and you are still unable to calibrate, please refer to the following solutions:

1. Make sure you thoroughly follow the steps for calibration process

Please check the calibration board position is correct, as well as the scanner position. You can refer to the support video for each step, displayed on the left of the calibration screen.

2. Avoid direct sources of light

If environmental light is too bright, or direct source of light (e.g. solar light from a window, light from a lamp) might reflect on your calibration board, the image acquisition may not be successful, leading to failed calibration.
Please try avoiding such sources of light or running calibration in a darker room.

3. Try a different USB3 port

Despite being the scanner recognized by the PC and software, it might be that the current USB3 port can not deal with video. Try connecting the scanner to a different USB3 port.
We encourage updating the USB3 drivers and checking for Windows updates.

4. Do not be too fast (only for handheld scanners)

Just like when taking pictures normally with your phone or camera, moving fast while shooting can lead to blurry pictures.

Hold the scanner firmly and move continuously at a moderate speed to ensure data acquisition quality.

5. Are all LEDs blinking? (only for EinScan Pro series)

In case all LEDs are not brightly blinking during calibration, it might also be causing it to fail.

LEDs malfunction is due to a hardware issue. We recommend contacting support as soon as possible so we can take care of the faulty device.

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